From the words of Sage LaTorra:

Let’s look at how you can get XP in Dungeon World:

  • Rolling a 6-
  • Playing your alignment
  • Resolving a bond
  • Learn something new and important about the world
  • Overcome a notable monster or enemy
  • Loot a memorable treasure

Of those, only rolling 6- can happen more than once per session, by design. That’s on purpose! The best thing you can do to get XP is take chances and get into tough situations.

Of the remaining options, three are about classic adventuring: learn stuff, kill/overcome stuff, loot stuff. That’s 3 XP per session for adventuring. That’s by design! We want being an adventurer to earn you XP.

Then there’s the last two, your alignment and resolving a bond. Those are, to us, the icing on the cake. They should together be worth less than the others because they’re not as important. They’re a spice that enriches the rest of the game, not the focus of it.


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