A small, secluded farming village near the Temple of Ungu.

Village: Sodhaven
        • Poor Moderate
        • Steady
        • Militia
        • Resource: Excellent soil
        • Oath: Merchant Guild
        • Trade: Farmed goods (+prosperity)

A small village off the beaten path, Sodhaven is primarily known for its excellent farming. No matter what the farmers plant, it always seems to flourish. This has allowed for the little village to grow and become more prosperous than your average village.

Most of the inhabitants of Sodhaven spend their whole lives in and around the village. The village is currently experiencing a slow steady growth as the fertile soil attracts those looking for good lands to till.

Sodhaven primarily relies on its seclusion for safety. Should the need arise, years of hard farming has raised a community of strong-armed citizens ready to protect their lands.

Sodhaven is off the main trade routes for the region and deals almost exclusively with travelling members of the Merchant Guild for outside goods. That said, the local merchants are more than happy to trade with visitors.


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