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  • Florimel

    Florimel was once a beautiful sorceress. Years ago she locked herself away in the ancient temple of the hated serpent-god Ungu to have isolation in which to pursue her forbidden craft. But she went too far with her dark polymorphic arts and has …

  • Snotgarble

    Leader of the Bloodbelly clan of goblins that have recently moved into the temple of Ungu.

  • Hobb

    Hobb died in battle against a river giant, [[:gloch | Gloch]].

  • Gloch

    Gloch hasn't been in the river valley very long and has not yet discovered the bridge on the road to Sodhaven. When he does, he will most certainly move there to be closer to those he can force to do his bidding in exchange for passage.

  • Gogmutt

    Definitely wasn't going to be a recurring baddie before being cut down by the slaughter of the goblins in the Temple of Ungu...

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