The Bard


Elf, Female
Level 2 bard
HP: 15
Armor: 1

Strength: 9
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 9
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 12
Chrisma: 15

Bardic Lore: Spells and Magicks

Load: 9 (9+STR)


Linirin might be referred to as a Wild Elf by some, a Wood Elf by others, but she just considers herself an “elf.” Many years ago she was a member of those called the Brotherhood of the Dark Path and she bears a facial tattoo slashing over her left eye and cheek bone announcing this. In time she came to turn her back on the Dark Brotherhood’s ways and rejoined the elven community at-large. She had her tattoo altered with the alternating symbols for rejection, welcome, dismissal, and family.

Linirin then took up study and became interested in magic in it’s various forms. She has become devoted to the acquisition on knowledge. Secretly, nothing would give her more pleasure than to have her name writ large as the founder of a library in some busy metropolitan city.

Linirin’s lengthy time of study, coupled with her less civilized past, have left a knowledgeable presence in her eyes. Her hair, chestnut in color, has a few short braids tied into it, some ending in small beads of wood and bone, or bits of small jewelry. The rest flies free in a wild mane. Her years with the Dark Brotherhood have left her lithe and thin, and the more recent sedentary life of a scholar, while strengthening her mind, has weakened her somewhat.

She carries with her the bow and sword she used while with the Brotherhood of the Dark Path. Recently, this bow was broken in battle and then replaced with a gift from centaurs.


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