The Azure Shroud of Doom

Return to the Surface

The Temple of Ungu

Dramatis personæ:
Girish the Druid………………………………………………………….an elven protector of the natural world
Hobb the Fighter…………………………………………………………a sellsword, currently without a master
Ragner the Cleric………………………………………………………..a devotee of Khorne, god of Bloody Conquest
Wolfwood the Paladin………………………………………………….a champion of Law, devoted to his quest
Gogmutt…………………………………………………………………….a goblin warrior
Yumetz………………………………………………………………………a goblin orkaster
Snotgarble………………………………………………………………….a goblin clan chief
Gloch………………………………………………………………………….a river giant

A campsite near the sacrificial pit in an ancient temple dedicated to the serpent-god Ungu. The adventuring party has returned from the caverns below and prepares to meet the awaiting goblin horde.

Our troupe of brave adventurers wakes in the morning to silence in the temple. Mysterious Girish transforms into a vermin form and investigates the wooden and rubbish barricade separating the goblins from Florimel’s chambers. Mighty Hobb, with his great strength, sets to pulling apart the furniture and trash the blocked the passage, quickly and silently opening hole through the barricade, and discovering a slumbering sentry on the other side. He prods the sleeping goblin awake with his sword, requesting that it inform the goblin chief of their return.

The goblin guard screeches and flees, leaving the party time to prepare. Cunning Wolfwood douses the barricade in oil, preparing his tinderbox to strike it alight, while Hobb pulls out more pieces to enlarge the hole. Spying the approaching goblin horde, accompanied by the war leader and the goblin’s orkaster with his trio of goblin hounds, the party falls back to ready themselves. Wolfwood sets fire to the structure and then uses Chief Snotgarble’s taunts to pinpoint the leader’s position. Leaping through the flames, he slams the vile chieftain to the wall with his shield, but not before Snotgarble is able to wrangle his own sword into position to plunge it into Wolfwood’s side. The paladin retaliates, striking with his sword while keeping the goblin pinned; Hobb, hot on his heels, sinks the Red Sepulchre into the monstrous master’s chest.

A thick red mist seeps from the goblin’s wound and curls around the blade of the spear. The haft of the weapon pulses twice in Hobb’s grasp and the mist is sucked into the uncanny metal. The goblin falls roughly to the floor, pulling his jagged sword from Wolfwood’s side as he does. The goblins warriors closest to the heroes all strike in anger, stabbing out with spear and javelin. The mighty heroes strike back, slicing down goblin and goblin hound alike.

Girish, in mouse form, leaps from his hiding place in Hobb’s pocket and transforms into a raging mountain lion. But the spirits of nature, whimsical and wanton as they are, run back the sands of time on Girish’s new form and he shrinks down to the size of only a cub. The goblins cackle with glee at this turn of events, but courageous Girish calls out to the spirit of the rocks of the mountain and covers the floor near him with rocky spikes, keeping the goblins at bay. Risking the ire of nature, he transforms once again into a great mountain bear and lets loose a terrible roar, frightening away many of the goblin warriors. A deep voice speaks softly in the back of the druid’s mind, but he has no time to investigate it in the heat of battle.

The goblin orkaster, enraged by the death of his chief, launches an orb of arcane acid at Hobb, who charges the muttering mage and impales him upon his blade. The orkaster coughs out a final spell, clamping his hands onto Hobb’s helm and calling forth his eldritch acid again. Yet the careful soldier is able to free himself and ducks away from the acidic blast with only minor mars to his armor.

The remaining goblins rally around Gogmutt, head warrior of the Bloodbelly clan. As he opens his mouth to spit invective taunts at the party, Girish, still in his bear form, barrels into the beast and tears him to shreds. The warriors of the Bloodbelly clan, cowering in fear, can do naught but await their doom as Wolfwood stalks towards them. The paladin raises the faceplate of his helm to reveal his eyes, glowing with his divine might, and speaks a single word. The goblins flee in terror before his indomitable visage.

The adventurers take the opportunity to tend to their wounds and examine the fallen goblins, as to the victors go the spoils. They investigate the orkaster’s chamber, as well as the chief’s throne room, turning up their long awaited for treasure, the chief’s sword and crown, several tomes of knowledge, and a few other valuable odds and ends. As they continue on out of the temple, they find that the goblins have completely deserted their refuge, retreating back into the mountains.

Exiting through the stout oaken doors, the adventurers ponder how to seal the temple, concerned with both keeping other infestations out and keeping the ettercaps below within. Direct Girish speaks to the spirit of the mountain itself, and learning its name, asks it to seal off the temple carved into its side. The mountain, Gorgramil, agrees, for long has it slumbered. The land begins to quake and heave, collapsing the front entrance to the temple of Ungu. But once awoken, Gorgramil is not so easily quieted again, and the land does not still until after a yawning pit and many deep cracks and ravines are opened in the ground where the temple once stood.

Girish calls upon nature’s aid in the form of a several stout bucks to carry the adventurers back to the village of Sodhaven. They find themselves drawn somewhat off track by Wolfwood, serving as trailblazer. The paladin’s oath to destroy the Red Sepulchre is pulling him subtlety to the east, towards the barren desert that remains in the aftermath of as ancient Magi War. In time, however, they arrive at the outer fields of Sodhaven and spend two days in the village, resting and resupplying for the next leg of their journey.

After a few days recuperation in town, the party again gears up and follow the village’s only road out to the main trade highway. The road takes them east to an old bridge crossing the Sanguine River. This bridge is considered by many of the residents of Sodhaven to be the edge of their protected civilization and few venture beyond sight of its ancient stones.

Stepping from the main trade route, the adventurers are able to locate the remnants of a road that in ancient days ran towards what is now the desert called the Arcane Wastes. Under the careful guidance of Girish, they get the drop on a pair of razor boars. With tusks that can rend armor like paper, these woodland beasts are the bane of many travelers in the area. The party sets about quickly dispatching the animals, as much with plans of fortifying their rations as with securing the safety of the nearby road. During the brief battle, Wolfwood experiences firsthand the powers of the Red Sepulchre, landing a killing blow to one of the beasts and feeling the witchwood haft pulse with pleasure in his hands. Sickened with the feeling, he refuses to partake in the slaughter of the boar’s carcass, or in the fresh meat the creature provides.

After the fight with the boars, they wander through the thick woods for the better part of day before coming to a rapidly rushing river in a deep gully, crossed by a stone bridge, wide and aged. As they approach the bridge, a huge hand claws at them from beneath and a deep voice calls out, demanding payment. It was Gloch, the river giant.

Greedy, lazy, and rather opportunistic, these giants have a near unquenchable thirst for fresh water that often keeps them near rivers. Biting the head from a razor boar he’d caught the day before, Gloch demands a toll to cross his bridge. After all, why should he have to hunt for game when these puny creatures could do it for him? Clever Girish takes the iron crown from his head and offers it to the giant, but Gloch is not so easily fooled. He swings out a hand to brush away the pestering elf, but a passing blow from a giant is not something easily shrugged off.

Nimble Hobb hesitates but an instant before darting around the giant while Girish roots himself in place in the form of a towering oak tree. However, Hobb’s hesitation is the only opening Gloch needs; seeing someone attempting to bypass his demands Gloch lashs out, squarely striking home and sending Hobb sprawling. He then turns his attention to the newly formed tree, gripping it between his mighty hands and pushing, the truck creaking under the assault.

The group scatters, Girish changing to a winged form and escaping to the sky, Hobb regaining his feet and charging across the bridge for a raised embankment on the other side, and Wolfwood leaping into a crack in the bridge, allowing the giant to pass him by. Gloch pounds after Hobb, who leaps from his vantage point and scores a sound blow against the giant, but huge creature again dashes him to the ground, knocking away his sword. Gloch brings his great fist down, turning Hobb’s blade into a twisted metal ruin.

Girish calls upon the spirits of the earth and plummets from on high as a boulder, crashing down onto the giant; as Wolfwood, previously overlooked by their foe, runs forward and slices into the giant’s ankle, hoping to hobble it, only to find Gloch’s thick skin turns aside most of his attack. Girish’s boulder form, sprouting arms and legs, charges forward, digging into the wound Wolfwood has begun as the paladin draws the Red Sepulchre and throws it to the now disarmed Hobb. Hobb catches the spear and plunges it into the giant as Gloch kicks out to dislodge the transformed druid from its legs, sending noble Hobb flying from the bridge and into the river below. Wolfwood lashes out one final time with his sword, sending the giant crashing to its knees as he rushes down the steep side of the gully to Hobb’s aid.

Hobb finds himself in a quiet forest glade, strange yet familiar at the same time. Gentle sunlight shines all about him, and a soft breeze blows warm on his skin. A young woman of bronze skin and silver hair, steps out from behind a tree. She is clad in a simple dress that dances in the wind and wears a silver ring bearing a single white stone. She greets the weary warrior and speaks a simple secret to him. Hobb nods reluctantly and the woman takes him by the arm and leads him into the trees.

Kneeling at Hobb’s side at the edge of the river, Wolfwood calls out to Qualin for the power to heal his fallen friend. Broken limbs straighten and wounds close, but there is no life here.

Gloch, now on his knees and face to face with the elf, pleads for his life, questioning why the party has attacked him. The elf, retaking his own form, spits out accusations, that the giant had struck first and the resulting bloodshed is on his head alone.

On the wings of fury and vengeance, Wolfwood flys up the side gully and launches himself up the kneeling giant’s back. He plunges his sword deep into Gloch’s neck and, with a savage cut, tears away the giant’s life. The huge body crashes down, an empty thud shaking the ground.

The remaining companions carefully retrieve and clean Hobb’s body. Girish calls upon the earth to open to receive their noble friend and he is gently laid to rest. Wolfwood lays his shield over Hobb’s remains, offering its protection to the fighter in the afterlife as Girish closes the grave. As Wolfwood offers prayers of eulogy and sorrow, Girish whispers to the spirits of forest and flora, filling the area with lush flowers in remembrance of their fallen ally.




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